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Self Rescue / Controlled Descent

The Most (and Best!) Options for Rescue & Descent Gear
DBI Sala (formerly under the Capital Safety brand, now part of 3M) is an industry leader in so many ways--rescue and controlled descent products are no exception. Far and away, they have some of the best options on the market today. Products range from simple "step off" solutions to more complex rescue products that allow for platform evacuation with multiple people.

Controlled Descent
One of DBI Sala's newest offerings is the Self Rescue Backpack Device, which is a wearable product that allows a user to simply hook up and go. It takes the guesswork out of self rescue. It's a flexible device that attaches to your current safety harness and allows you to lower yourself to safety in the event of a fall from height. A more conventional product is the Rollgliss Auto Descent Device, which can be used over and over in vertical descent applications. It is offered in lengths up to 200 ft in both galvanized and stainless steel cable.

Rescue & Hauling
Some rescues require the involvement of multiple people, and the need may arise not just to lower, but to actually raise a victim. In such an event, there isn't a better product on the market than DBI Sala's Rollgliss R550 Rescue System. It allows for quick and easy descent at a controlled rate, with one side of the rope going down while the other comes up. This allows for the constant evacuation of multiple people from a given platform. And the wheel can be turned by hand, or by a powered drill with the proper adapter, which makes raising personnel easy as ever. A more manual, old-school solution (yet with the latest tech) are the Mechanical Advantage Pulley Systems. These kits use simple mechanical advantage, with progress capture, to make hauling / uplift operations easier for workers, especially in stressful situations. These types of pulley systems are used all over the world for rescue and rigging operations.

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