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CM Shackles

CM Shackles--Some of the Best in the Industry!
CM shackles really are some of the best in the industry, and we do not say that lightly, as there are many shackle brands on the market today. But CM offers not only a high-quality product made in the U.S.A., but they have a great selection too.

Their Most Popular Model
For starters, the CM Super Strong Screw Pin Shackles are extremely popular. Not only are they very well made with excellent fit and finish, and a durable anti-corrosion galvanizing, but they also offer higher Working Load Limits (WLL's) than other similar shackles on the market. Essentially, these shackles bridge a gap between standard carbon shackles, and more expensive alloy shackles. You get all the performance you need at a fair price. And these shackles maintain a 6:1 safety factor as well, so you're not compromising on safety in any way. For permanent or semi-permanent installations, CM offers the Super Strong Bolt Type Shackles, where the pin is secured with a nut and cotter key. These are commonly referred to as "safety shackles".

Long Reach Shackles Give You Flexibility for Rigging
A close second in terms of popularity are CM's long reach shackles, and they offer two models. Most popular are the Screw Pin Long Reach Shackles, which have a simple hex head that can be adjusted with a common wrench. Their generous interior dimensions, coupled with their relatively small pin diameters and high WLL's make these shackles perfect for applications where the shackle must be secured over a large object (e.g., oversized hook, large pipe, thick plate or pad, etc.). CM also offers Bolt Type Long Reach Shackles, which, similar to the Super Strong Shackles outlined above, are preferred for permanent or semi-permanent installations.