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CM Transport Chain & Gear

Made in the USA, and Still Affordable
High-quality, made in America and affordable at the same time--this is why CM binders sell better for us than any other domestic option. They feature forged components and quality craftsmanship yet they are priced better than their competition. They offer both ratchet binders and lever binders. Their best-selling ratchet binder is the 3/8" Grade 80 #48360. It has a robust 7,100 lbs Working Load Limit, meaning it works with either 3/8" Grade 70 or Grade 80 chain. This is something more common, and more in demand these days. Customers want binders rated for the chain they're using, not binders rated on some old antiquated system for Grade 43 chain. And CM has met this demand with their 3/8" Grade 80 #48769 lever binder as well. So no matter which type you prefer--ratchet or lever--you can use a high-quality binder, made in the USA, that is rated for use with either 5/16" or 3/8" chain up to and including Grade 80.

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More Than Just Binders
Being a full-line rigging hardware manufacturer, CM offers much more than just great binders. They are the premier manufacturer of American-made chain and forged attachments for the towing industry. They offer not just towing products, but a full line of chain and hardware for the heavy-duty trucking industry.