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Little Mule Wire Grips

Little Mule Wire Grips
Wire grips are used by all kinds of contractors, including linemen, arborists, fence installers, tower workers and others. The application is always the same, which is to get a bite on wire rope wherever you need it--including in the middle of the line. Little Mule grips work perfectly in this application, and because they offer so many varieties, they are very popular with linemen. All models below feature forged steel construction that is durable yet lightweight. A yellow chromate finish protects components from rust and corrosion. The smallest sizes have "Bulldog" jaws that have large teeth. The bigger sizes have parallel jaws with either aggressive or fine teeth depending on size. Available in capacities from 1,000 - 20,000 lbs and for wire from 0.04" - 1.25" in diameter.

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MPNModelCable DiameterWLL (lbs)Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
04451WLMG10000.04" - 0.394"1,0000.5
04452WLMG20000.109" - 0.594"2,0001
04453WLMG45000.18" - 0.60"5,0003.25
04478WLMG4500A0.18" - 0.60"5,0003.25
04459WLMG46000.30" - 0.80"10,0004.5
04479WLMG4600A0.30" - 0.80"10,0004.5
04471WLMG48000.70" - 1.25"12,0008
04465WLMG47000.70" - 1.25"20,00021
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