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Council Tool

One of the reasons we like Council Tool is that it's a good, old-fashioned company full of hard working Americans that make quality tools for other hard working Americans to use. It's true that Council has evolved and modernized their equipment and manufacturing processes, but still their company bears the family name of Council that dates back to 1886. They are known as a premier manufacturer of axes, forestry and fire tools. From standard axe patterns like the Dayton, to enhanced patterns like the Jersey and even premium tools like their Velvicut Axe--true American ingenuity and sweat equity are poured into each product, and we think it shows. You will too.

And for our Pacific Northwest logging customers, check out the 4 lbs "Cutter's Axe" we offer. It has a short handle, which means you can stuff it into a backpack or gear back, and the heavy 4 lbs head makes it perfect for driving wedges. In other parts of the country, it's known as a "Miner's Axe".

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