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Crosby Clamps

CrosbyIP--The Best Name in Lifting Clamps
Crosby's mission is to be the innovative and quality leader in the field of lifting clamps by manufacturing products of uncompromising quality and providing solutions for specific hoisting situations. Their main objective is to guarantee satisfied end-users. Crosby’s Inter Product facility is an ISO-9001 – ANAB accredited company, which ensures compliance with certain well-defined standards and procedures. CrosbyIP Lifting Clamps is, like all other Crosby facilities, certified through DNV. CrosbyIP Clamps feature several key features, including extensive R&D, welded alloy steel bodies, compact profiles and frames and an industry best 10 year guarantee!

The IP10/IPU10 Clamps Set the Standard
For as long as we have been selling clamps (before Crosby purchased Inter Products), their IP10/IPU10 clamps have been in high demand. Over the years model numbers have changed, but this basic clamp design has held true and is our #1 selling model of clamp. The IP10 and IPU10 models are very similar, with a couple of key differences. The IPU10 Clamp Model has a universal eye that allows for the clamp to place and lift the load from any direction, or with a multiple leg sling without side loading the clamp. The IP10 Clamp Model does not have the universal eye, so it's best used for single leg picks that require less turning and moving, and overall clamp articulation. Both models tolerate material hardness up to 37 HRC. Variations of these clamps exits too for special handling of hard materials, stainless steel, and even a new version, The IPU10/A Auto Locking Clamp. This new clamp "clicks" onto the material as soon as the clamp is placed on the plate. That means that when you're rigging in hard to reach places, you no longer have to manually set the latch.

A Complete Lineup of Horizontal and Other Specialty Clamps
In addition to popular and commonly-used vertical clamps, CrosbyIP also offers a host of clamps for horizontal lifting, beam lifting, pipe lifting, barrier lifting and more. Their IPH10 Horizontal Clamps are the most popular horizontal clamp we sell. Used in pairs, these clamps allow for the lifting and transfer of non-sagging horizontal steel plates.

Another popular clamp from the Crosby Clamp-Co product line is the BG-9000 Barrier Grab, which provides a fast and efficient method for handling concrete road barriers. It features alloy steel construction and hands-free operation. They are individually proof-tested and RFID equipped, so tracking them from job to job is easier than ever.