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Crosby Hoist Rings

We sell more Crosby hoist rings than any other brand. One reason is their wide selection, but perhaps an even better reason is the trust that comes with the Crosby name. Their hoist rings are trusted in critical lifts all over the world. Their gold standard, flagship product is the HR-125 Swivel Hoist Ring. With this hoist ring you achieve a 100% rating when lifting at a 90º angle, and each ring is load-rated and fatigue rated. Also, each ring is 100% individually proof-tested to 2-1/2 times the Working Load Limit. They offer small sizes down to 5/16" and large sizes up to 3-1/2"!

Many customers wonder, "Why do I need a hoist ring? Why can't I just use an eye bolt?" We understand the appeal, as eye bolts are much cheaper. But these two products perform in very different ways. In short, hoist rings give you a full Working Load Limit (WLL) in any direction of sling pull, while eye bolts achieve a full rating ONLY in straight vertical pulls. For more information, view the flyer at right.

Slide-Loc Lifting Points--A Middle Ground
The new Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc Lifting Points are kind of a middle ground between hoist rings and eye bolts, and their pricing reflects that. Once properly installed, Slide-Loc lifting points will fully rotate 360º, and they maintain their WLL even at a 90º pull. This means they have some of the best features of hoist rings while maintaining a price point closer to common eye bolts.