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Crosby Hooks

The L-320 and L-322 Series Set the Standard
For general rigging purposes, Crosby offers the L-320AN Alloy Eye Hoist Hooks (with latch kit installed). These hooks are a favorite amongst our customers, used in all sorts of fields from general construction, excavation, steel erection, bridge work and material handling. They can be used in combination with a standard Rigging Shackle or they can be an included part of rigging sling, whether wire rope, soft rope or synthetic web sling assembly. Common sizes from 1T - 22T are generally in stock, along with S-4320 New Style Latch Kit when replacement is needed.

If you need this same hook, but with a swiveling capability, then check out the L-322AN Alloy Swivel Hooks (with latch kit installed).

Shur-Loc Hooks--A Favorite Self-Locking Safety Hook for Chain Slings
Many riggers are going away from traditional sling hooks with "flipper style" latch kits, in favor of hooks that have a positive, self-closing mechanism. The Shur-Loc series of hooks by Crosby meets these demands and more. Made from Grade 100 alloy steel, in Crosby's "Platinum" coloring, all Shur-Loc hooks feature a self-closing latch that is operated by a recessed, protected and user-friendly trigger. And when the trigger needs replacing, we offer the needed S-4316 Latch Kits for repair. Shur-Loc hooks come in a few different forms, but the S-1317 Clevis Shur-Loc Hooks sell best. They mate directly to the chain, and the clevis fitting helps to prevent mismatch of improper chain and hook sizes. But if you want a Shur-Loc hook for use with a wire rope sling, or any sling material other than chain. you have a couple options. Check out the S-1316 Eye Shur-Loc Hooks, or if you want a hook that swill swivel, check out the S-13326 Swivel Shur-Loc Hooks that feature ball bearings for smooth rotation, even while under load.

Crosby Has a Diverse Product Line
Aside from standard hooks like the ones outlined above, Crosby offers their S-3319 Utility Swivel Hooks, designed specifically for use on boom trucks in the utility industry. They also offer a big selection of their famous Bullard Golden Gate Hooks, which are retrofitted to many different hoists in the field. The truth is that Crosby is all about diversity with its line of rigging hooks, and we just don't have enough room here to write about all of them. Please browse below, and contact us with any questions, or if there is anything you're looking for that you can't find.