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Durabilt Dyvex

Known for Great Binders!
You can't talk about Durabilt without talking about their strong tradition of making great load binders for today's freight haulers and contractors. We literally sell more of their binders than all other brands combined! One of the best selling models is their DTT-1 Truck-Tight Ratchet Binder, which is rated @ 8,800 lbs. This makes it good for use with 5/16" - 3/8" chain in all commons tie down grades, including Grade 70, Grade 80 and even Grade 100. For heavier hauling, check out the DR-X15 Titan Ratchet Binder, rated @ 15,000 lbs! It is for use with 3/8"- 1/2" chain, and like the DTT-1, it can be used with all common grades of chain, including Grade 100. It's one of the favorite binders for our customers that haul heavy equipment.

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More Than Just Binders
While Durabilt might be known best for their binders, they make many other great products too. We highly recommend looking through their catalog (see the link at right), where you will see cool products like their DP-T8 Cable Puller. This beefy comealong is rated at a whopping 4 Tons, but in a small package that is easy to handle and pack around. Other cool products include various hooks, straps and similar accessories. Be sure to let us know if you're looking for a Durabilt product not offered on this page, because we can order you any Durabilt product you want!