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Gunnebo Hooks

Gunnebo Rigging Hooks--Tried & Tested!
Through the years, there is not a single brand of rigging hook in the Grade 80 or Grade 100 variety that we have sold more of than Gunnebo. We have built countless chain slings using their grab hooks, sling hooks, safety hooks and foundry hooks. All of their hooks on this page are factory tested prior to shipment, and identification numbers built into each hook allow for full product traceability. They make a high-quality, trusted product, no question about it.

EGKN Sling Hooks--The Industry Standard
The shape, style and function of the EGKN Sling Hooks make them the most desirable pattern on the market. There are other brands that are close and many try to approximate the same teardrop design, but Gunnebo's hook still stands out as the most user-friendly sling hook on the market. A spring-loaded safety latch is included and replacement latch kits are kept in stock.

GBK Safety Hooks Feature an Interlocking Tip
There are many manufacturers on the market today that offer a "safety hook" with a self-closing latch. BUT, there is only one that offers tongue-and-groove design that lets users know their hook is fully engaged, or that it needs replacing. For example, a GBK Self-Closing Grip Latch Hook that is in good repair will have a hook tip that closes and integrates nice and flush. But a hook that has been tip loaded, or otherwise damaged, will not close properly. This takes the guesswork out of common "slop" that is found on many safety hooks in use. How much play is too much? Well with a GBK hook (or one of the other similar models from Gunnebo), the answer is made clearer.