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ISC--The Most Popular Arborist Blocks We Sell!
ISC is a high-quality European manufacturer of climbing and rigging products that are used by professionals around the globe. At their very core is a passion for design and product development, followed by a thorough prototyping and testing phase. Their finished goods roll out of their North Wales manufacturing facility, only once their comprehensive process has been fully completed. The attention to detail and their ability to design unique products is obvious when you look at their lineup of arborist rigging blocks. Their smallest block is the RP048 Block for 1/2" Rope. It literally fits in the palm of your hand, yet boasts a 3,800 lbs Working Load Limit (WLL) and has a cool, distinct green color. Their are several more blocks with this same design, yet in different sizes. The biggest offering is the RP057 Block for 3/4" Rope. This beefy block has a strong 8,800 lbs WLL and handles bull ropes up to 3/4" in diameter, yet thanks to its aluminum design, it weighs in at only 7.75 lbs. A block with this size and capacity, made out of steel, would weigh considerably more.

The ISC Singing Tree Rope Wrench (STRW)
The Rope Wrench is a unique and innovative device, designed by Kevin Bingham of Singing Tree. The STRW allows so many more options for safe movement in the tree while using a single rope, enabling redirects and a greater degree of friction control than that achieved using the double rope technique (DdRT). The STRW also allows the user to easily pass any limbs which obstruct their route--it is possible to pass obstructions when using DdRT, but it can be quite tricky!