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There are a lot of synthetic slings on the market today, and from all sorts of manufacturers. You can find really cheap slings brought in from overseas, but the quality is very hit-and-miss. There are also many shops here in the U.S.A. that sew their own slings with varying degrees of product quality, expertise and modern equipment. Or you can go with a high-quality sling from a known, trusted manufacturer such as Liftex.

Take their Pro-Edge slings for example. They are our #1 selling sling, and most customers prefer Eye & Eye Pro-Edge Slings because they are so universally applied to many different lifts. Pro-Edge slings have a reinforced edge that is built right into the sling itself...it's not just an edge coating. This makes the slings tougher and longer lasting, helping you stretch your dollar.

If you want to try something different, check out their RoundUp Round Slings (we realize many of you probably use round slings already). They are color-coded for strength which is very helpful in the field. Plus the outer jacket is there solely to provide abrasion protection which increases the slings lifespan. You can use them in all different hitches, and you can easily change your wear point by simply rotating the sling.