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Maasdam (Pull'R)

Maasdam--The American Original!
Maasdam Pow'R-Pull's are the #1 brand of puller that we sell. Whether you call them a comealong, winch hoist, etc., you know what they do and why they are an indispensable tool in so many different lines of work. And all of the pullers you see on this page are made in the U.S.A.

Trusted by Professionals
Among our core customer base of professional contractors, there are many that have had bad experiences with cheap pullers, and that is why so many of our customers ONLY buy Maasdam pullers. In particular, the 1 Ton Cable Puller is very popular and often sells in multiples of 3-6 units or more at a time. Our customers use it for fence stretching and tensions, as well as for form bracing and general rigging. It has 12 ft of reach, which is enough for most applications. If you need a little more capacity, check out the 2 Ton Cable Puller, which will give you twice the winching capacity by incorporating a block, yet it cuts your reach in half, down to 6 ft.

Additional Puller Options
For those doing work around any kind of electrical hazards, we recommend the 1 Ton Web Strap Puller, which helps to reduce the risk of electrical shock due to the non-conductive properties of the web strap material. An added benefit of the synthetic material is that it will conform to the load and will not kink like common cable. Additionally, Maasdam offers a 3/4 Ton Endless Rope Puller, which is probably our second most popular puller overall. The genius behind the design is that the rope is not stored on the puller itself, but rather it feeds through a drum that is grooved to bite into the rope as tension is added to the pull. The higher the load, the tighter the bite. We have many customers that use this unit with long lengths of rope, and we have options to purchase the puller by itself, or with several common lengths of rope (including a spliced hook), up to 600 ft. The only limit in terms of reach is your own physical ability and working fatigue.