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Why Buy Marvin?
Fred Marvin Associates began as a small, family-owned business in Akron at the height of the manufacturing boom, making pole pruners and saws for professional arborists and serious landscapers alike. More than 65 years later, the company has expanded into an international and highly recognizable manufacturer and distributor of tree tools. Our customers trust the brand, and it's the #1 fiberglass pole and pruner head we sell today.

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Popular Marvin Products
Their PH4 Pruner Head is truly an industry standard, with a beefy 1-1/4" max cut capacity and plenty of economical replacement parts available to keep it in service. Or if you're looking for a complete tree trimming package, check out their very popular 23B Pole Pruner & Saw Kit. This handy kit comes with three different poles and pre-mounted head units to make it easy to swap between lopping and sawing when in the field. Plus, if you add just one 6 ft Extension Pole, you can quickly and easily add length to your system.