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MSA--The King of Hard Hats
MSA is know all across the world as a premier safety products manufacturer. But for us and our customer base, they are known best for their hard hats. There are really two main models of hard hats that MSA does exceptionally well. For starters, their Full Brim Skullgard is extremely popular. This hard hat not only looks cool, but is lightweight and incorporates a Fas-Trac III Ratcheting Suspension. Perhaps most importantly, this hard hat is heat-resistant and is tested to radiant heat loads producing temperatures up to, but not exceeding, 350ºF. This helps to ensure the hard hat will perform as expected in the field in the event of exposure to heat or electrical current. It is popular in steel mills, foundries and steel erection jobsites. If you don't want the full brim version, MSA does offer a Cap Style Skullgard as well, which many of our customers wear backwards (hey, you can get some extra style points!).

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The V-Gard in Many Shapes and Styles
The V-Gard hard hat is one of the most recognizable hard hats in the world, thanks to the distinctive "V" pattern on the top of the helmet. MSA offers this hard hat in common colors, both full brim and cap style. For our customer base, the Full Brim Hi-Vis Orange V-Gard is as best-seller, being very popular with our logging base. These hats also incorporate a Fas-Trac III Ratcheting Suspension. Many customers have remarked that V-Gards seem more comfortable than other hard hats because they are light, sit low on the head and have a streamlined profile. You can also find V-Gard hard hats in cool styles, such as NFL-style hard hats (literally every NFL team is available, in a real, safe, compliant hard hat design) and even cool Digital Camouflage.