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Pacific Cargo (PCC)

About Pacific Cargo
There are all kinds of companies vying for your dollar when it comes time to purchase cargo control products. Buyer beware, not all companies, and certainly not all cargo control products, are created or tested equally. Pacific Cargo Control is an Oregon-based company, and their facility is about one hour from our shop. There they not only warehouse a huge variety of products in large quantities--including ratchet straps, winch straps, D-Rings, hooks, rubber rope, shock cord and more--but they also do a lot of sewing and in house testing.

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More About Testing
Pacific Cargo Control is committed to thorough in-house testing to ensure their straps, webbing and transport chain meet or exceed industry standards. PCC's flatbed test machine utilizes hydraulic cylinders to confirm Breaking Strengths and Working Load Limits. PCC also tests to verify that their webbing continues to be an industry leader in abrasion resistance, an important factor in the longevity of the strap.