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Peavey Manufacturing

Peavey Manufacturing Company--Makers of Quality Tools & Handles Since 1857
For over 155 years, the Peavey Manufacturing Company has met the special needs of the timber industry with quality tools and handles. As the "original" manufacturer of Peavey log handling tools, they offer products that are second to none in terms of quality and performance. While there are cheaper, imported products on the market, none bear the name Peavey except these tools! Whether it's a Cant Hook, traditional Peavey, Timberjack or a different tool, you can rest assured it's going to perform and last many, many years.

For example, the socket and pick of their Peavey tools are forged into one piece, thereby eliminating any shoulder where the socket and pick meet. This is the strongest, most durable Peavey and is the favorite on jobs involving prying and lifting. It was invented by J. Henry Peavey, grandson of Joseph, in 1873.