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Pelican Dynamic Climbing Ropes

Pelican Rope...Made in the U.S.A.
Pelican makes several great arborist climbing ropes, right here in the U.S.A. From their impressive ISO-9001:2008 facility in Southern California, they do extensive testing before they bring a product to market. Several of their ropes on this page are tried-and-true classics that we have been selling for years. For example, their 16-strand ropes come in a variety of colors. While the color has nothing to do with performance, we have found our arborist customers do like ropes in different colors so they can identify them easily while in the tree. While all colors are popular, the most popular seem to be the Blue & White, and the unique, eye-catching TigerLine Additionally, they offer a more compact (7/16") rope in a cool yellow and black color. This rope runs well in practically all mechanical devices and still retains an impressive tensile strength.

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