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Pewag 7/32" Grade 100 Alloy Chain and Fittings

It seems like most of the overhead lifting chains we build are for heavy-duty applications, with the majority of the Grade 100 Chain we sell being size 3/8" and up. But sometimes, a lighter-duty chain fits the bill perfectly. This 7/32" Grade 100 chain from Pewag is the smallest overhead lifting chain we offer. You can buy it by the foot, in 50 ft cut lengths or in full 400 ft drums. It is manufactured to the same specs as all other Grade 100 chain. It is just as rugged and wears just the same as you might expect, it's simply smaller and rated for 2,700 lbs or less. We also offer all the fittings you need should you wish to buy your own hooks, couplers and links to build a chain just the way you want it.

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