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Portable Winch

The Best Capstan Winches on the Market!
We are truly excited to be carrying Portable Winch products! They offer the most comprehensive lineup of self-powered capstan winches and accessories available on the market today. Whether you want small and light, or heavy-duty, they have a product that's right for you. The PCW3000 model works with 3/8" Polyester Double Braid Rope while the larger PCW5000 works with 1/2" Polyester Double Braid Rope.

The PCW3000 700 kg Model
The smaller of the two units, the PCW3000, was really designed with hunters in mind. It combines plenty of pulling power (1,545 lbs) in a small frame that is light and easy to pack around. Plus, you can transport it with the Molded Packframe #PCA-0104 combined with the Molded Winch Case #PCA-0102, for totally secure, efficient storage and handling. And if you plan to use the winch for moving small timber, we completely recommend the Deluxe Forester Kit #PCA-1006, which equips you with all of the accessories you need to really turn your winch into a workhorse.

The Beefy PCW5000 1000 kg Model
If you want total pulling power, then step up to the larger PCW5000 model that gives you 2,200 lbs of pulling power! With a HONDA 4-stroke GXH-50 cc engine, this unit really packs a punch and is made for heavy-duty jobs. It's popular with arborists and tower technicians, but really can be used for just about any kind of winch or pulling. Plus, you can pair it with the Tree & Pole Anchor #PCA-1269 to keep your winch in one place and at a good working height.

MPNDescriptionWLL (lbs)WLL (kg)Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
Portable Winch Gas Powered Capstan Winch - 1545 lbs Max PullPCW3000700 kg Capstan Winch1,54570020.9
Portable Winch Gas Powered Capstan Winch - 2200 lbs Max PullPCW50001000 kg Capstan Winch2,200100035.3
Portable Winch Deluxe "Forester" KitPCA-1006Deluxe Forester Accessory Kit--34.45
Portable Winch Skidding Cone for LogsPCA-1290Log Skidding Cone--14.55
Portable Winch 1/4" x 7 ft Chain Choker w/ RodPCA-1295Choker Chain w/ Hook & Rod--6.39
Portable Winch 3" Swing Side Pulley - 3/8" RopePCA-12753" Pulley3,597 (16 kN)-1.52
Portable Winch 4" Swing Side Pulley - 1/2" RopePCA-12744" Pulley4,946 (22 kN)-2.73
Portable Winch 4" Open-Faced Pulley - 1/2" RopePCA-12704" Open-Faced Pulley4,496 (20 kN)-5.64
Portable Winch Molded Transport Case for PCW3000PCA-0102Molded Case for PCW3000--17.53
Portable Winch Molded Transport Case for PCW5000PCA-0100Molded Case for PCW5000--17.6
Portable Winch Molded Packframe for PCW3000 WinchPCA-0104Backpack Frame for PCA-0102--3.97
Portable Winch Hitch Anchor Plate - 2-5/16" MaxPCA-1261Hitch Anchor Plate--2.01
Portable Winch Tree & Pole Anchor w/ StrapPCA-1269Tree & Pole Anchor w/ Strap--8.82
Portable Winch Support Plate w/ Bent Hitch PinPCA-1268Winch Support Plate--9.92
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