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Rock Exotica

Not New, But Definitely Trending!
When talking about Rock Exotica, it almost feels like one is talking about a new company, but that is hardly the case. You can trace their history back 28 years ago to a small garage. The vision was to make cool, innovative products--with emphasis on the word "make". To this day, Rock Exotica manufactures their products in Utah. It's not merely a name or a brand, but rather a living and breathing company that still manufactures right here in the U.S.A. The drive of the company's founder, Rock Thompson, seems as evident today as it did in the beginning.

More Than Just Carabiners
Although Rock Exotica makes world-class carabiners (and they used to make them for a Big European Company, referred to as "BEC"), they offer even more. For example, their P51 Omni-Block is really a unique product, combining a super-smooth swivel into a compact pulley that allows for easier rigging than before, especially in tighter spaces. For heavy-duty rigging jobs--and to maintain ASME B30 Compliance--check out the MHP55 Material Handling Omni 2.6" Block with a 4,500 lbs Working Load Limit (WLL). In addition to the large 2.6" sheave, the MHP55 features a prusik minding sideplate and push-button access to open the sideplate to install rope. Whether used in a hoisting system with a capstan winch or in general industrial rigging, this rigging block provides a high-strength and lightweight solution needed for tower climbers and industrial riggers.

Rock Exotica makes a lot of cool products, and we're happy to represent them. If you're looking for one of their products you don't see here, please drop us a line and let us special order it for you. And keep checking back, as we are sure to add more of their products as time goes on.