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Ulven Logging Hardware

What Else Does Skookum Offer?
Most riggers that work heavy construction, oil or marine jobs know that Skookum makes some of the biggest and best rigging blocks on the market. But, Skookum (part of The Ulven Companies) is also considered one of the premier manufacturers--if not THE manufacturer--of today's best, most durable and diverse line of logging products. In addition to the cat hooks and other hardware you see below, they also make some great shackles, including #110 Flush Pin Shackles and #109 Knock Out Shackles. View the catalog at right to browse through their broad line of logging products. You can contact us to buy anything you find in there, whether or not it's on our site. And rest assured we will continue to work hard and develop our site further to add more and more of their products.