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Spyder Manufacturing

Spyder Manufacturing--Home to Multiple Brands
There are actually three great brands associated with the Spyder Manufacturing name: Climb Right, Phoenix and Falcon. As you may guess, the Climb Right brand focuses on climbing products for arborists, including tree and pole spurs, carabiners, rope grabs, rope products and much more. The Phoenix line offers cutting and pruning products, including pruner heads and hand saws, as well as fiberglass poles. The Falcon brand is aimed at bringing after market mower bags, truck tarps and similar landscaping accessories to the market. Although we do not stock Falcon products, we are happy to order them for you on request.

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Climb Right--Our #1 Selling Brand of Spurs
Climb Right spurs are made in the U.S.A. and we have been selling them for several years. Their lightweight design and quality construction both seem to be a big hit with our customer base. If you compare them to traditional Buckingham Steel Spurs, there is about a 1 lb difference. Climb Right offers both 2-5/8" Tree Gaffs and shorter 1-5/8" Pole Gaffs. You can find them below paired with all popular options when it comes to pads and straps. The most popular set we sell is the Climb Right Super Pad Spur Set. Super pads are popular because they offer more surface area contact, and therefore more support than standard L-Pads or T-Pads. This is also the same kit that ships in our Advanced Spur Kit, which sells incredibly well.

Phoenix Tools--Great Cutters and Pruners!
Our tree care and landscaping customers want only professional quality gear, and Phoenix rises to the occasion while maintaining very competitive prices. For example, their 1-3/4" Max Cut Pruner Head shows great workmanship, and is one of our most popular pruner heads for arborist customers, and even homeowners. You can pair it with any standard fiberglass pole (Phoenix offers those too!). Also quite popular is their Wood Handle Pulaski Axe, which we sell a bunch of every year around fire season. It's a nice axe with a quality head and handle at a price most can afford.