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Terrier Lifting Clamps

For more than 30 years, Terrier has been known as a high-quality brand. Their products come from Holland, and you can find them in service all over the world. Lifting steel plates and structures is tough work. During lifting and transportation, clamps are under enormous tension and pressure. Additionally, they hit, fall, bump and slam onto all kinds of hard materials. For these reasons, it pays to go with a high-quality brand that you can trust--and that's why so many choose Terrier. Another major plus is that Terrier keeps most of their product line in stock in Kentucky, with quick shipping. Importantly, certificates are included with each clamp when shipped. Terrier guarantees a high performance and long operational life for all of their lifting clamps--and when needed, maintenance is quick and easy (repair kits are available). If you need a good, all-purpose clamp for lifting and turning steel, we highly recommend their TSU Vertical Clamps.