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US Rigging

USR is All About Value
We have been a US Rigging (USR) dealer for decades. They have always done a great job of providing high-quality products at affordable prices. We sell more of their carabiners and fliplines than any other brand. Their pulleys also sell extremely well. All together, they simply have a nice mix of rigging and climbing products that our customers seem to love.

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Some of USR's Most Popular Products
If you want a high-quality, tested carabiner that won't break the bank, it's hard to beat USR. Over the years, while new carabiners continue to hit the market, not one of them has sold better than the USR-14-ATL ProClimb Aluminum "D" Carabiner. It features a double-locking gate, 25 kN Breaking Strength and since it's made from aluminum, it weighs only 3 oz. It's the carabiner we sell most commonly with our USR Flipline Kits. And speaking of fliplines, yes, we sell a lot of USR fliplines. Their design is simple and straightforward, time-tested and proven, and continues to be affordable. That's a tough combination to beat. Plus we offer multiple sizes and lengths, and all kits are discounted!

Other popular products include their USR-850-S Rescue 8 Stainless Steel Descender. Besides being incredibly strong and durable, this thing is like a work of art. It really, truly looks cool! In terms of pulleys, their Deluxe Fiddle Block Set is a unique product that has so many practical uses. It comes with a tough 1/2" double braid rope that is 50ft long, and with the 4:1 mechanical advantage, it makes lifting even heavy loads so much easier. The rope cleats used for locking the line in position while lifting make the use of this system just that much safer as well.