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When it comes to choosing a quality puller, choose one of the industry’s best brand names--Wyeth Scott--among our best-selling brand name pullers. Our selection of Wyeth Scott Pullers includes several options from their More Power line of pullers. Their heavy-duty 3 Ton Synthetic Rope Puller is proudly made in the U.S.A. using Amsteel Blue Synthetic Rope and solid, thick iron, allowing for repeated, rugged use.

The built-in safety handle is equipped to let you know when you’ve hit the limit, alerting you by bending when you exceed capacity. Each puller is also factory tested. At Westech Rigging Supply, we strive to account for all of your rigging needs, so we also offer other brands of Heavy-Duty Comealongs & Pullers, including repair parts when your puller is ready for an overhaul. Over 60 years of service have left us in the best place to help you with your rigging supplies. Call us today at 800-442-7454, so we can provide you with an unmatched customer service experience!