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Yale Cordage

If you really rely on your rope to perform, then you're in good hands with Yale Cordage. They're a "small" rope company located in Saco, ME, and they're known for producing really high end products at affordable prices.

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When it comes to rigging, they have two flagship products that we sell all the time. First, they offer Double Esterlon as a solid double braid polyester rigging rope. It's very popular with our arborist customers for use as a lowering rope (aka bull rope). It's also used by our utility customers for pulling or hoisting, and in larger diameters it's found on digger derrick trucks in use as a winch line (aka whip line).

For really high-stress applications, it's hard to beat Ultrex Rigging Rope. It's known around here as logging rope, because many logging customers are now using it where before they would have used wire rope. In fact, on a size-to-size basis, it's stronger than wire rope. It has very little stretch, is easily spliced in the field and weighs about 1/10th what comparable wire rope weighs. Made from UHMWPE fiber with a blue Maxijacket coating to prolong the rope's lifespan. This is a great rope for sling use or high static loads, and it's the same rope we make our Synthetic Winch Lines from.