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Tractel 5/8" x 8000 lbs Griphoist / Tirfor - #T-532

Tractel 5/8" x 8000 lbs Griphoist / Tirfor - #T-532Tractel 5/8" x 8000 lbs Griphoist / Tirfor - #T-532Tractel 5/8" x 8000 lbs Griphoist / Tirfor - #T-532
SKU: TR-T-532MPN: T-532
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  • This product is rated for overhead lifting.
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  • Made in France

Product Description

The T-500 series of Griphoist / Tirfor machines are light and compact, making them easier to handle, while maintaining a high mechanical advantage and economic pricing.

How They Work
The way a Griphoist / Tirfor unit works can be described as "hand-to-hand", like the way a sailor pulls on a rope...while one hand pulls the other changes position to pull in turn. They two hands in this metaphor represent the two jaws of the Griphoist / Tirfor. They grip the wire rope without damaging it, and alternately pull it during forward operation and hold it during reverse operation. The effort is transferred to the jaws by two levers: one for forward operation and the other for reverse operation. The load is held securely at all times. Without a ratchet or pawl, loads can be precisely positioned.

Product Highlights
These machines are safe, reliable and efficient, and are suitable for many applications. Griphoist / Tirfor machines are simply lever-operated units that utilize a separate piece of wire rope (note: the wire rope used by these units is NOT standard production wire rope, rather it has a special construction made to work specifically with Griphoist / Tirfor units). Offering one-man operation, using a telescopic operating handle, they can work in any position and over any height of lift. They can indeed replace typical hoists and winches in many applications.

  • Versatile--works in any position, horizontal or vertical and angled
  • Length--unlimited length of wire rope is possible (aside from the standard lengths that ship with each unit, custom wire rope assemblies can be ordered)
  • Smooth--continuous operation without jerking the load
  • Strong--high mechanical advantage
  • Safe & Reliable--whether lifting or lowering, the load is permanently controlled with total precision
  • No Overloads--overloading is prevented thanks to a built-in safety device

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24-7/16" x 14" x 5-1/8"
Wire Rope Size
Length (ft)
WLL (lbs)
Handle Length
45" / 26"
Weight (lbs)

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