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19x19 Compacted Spin-Resistant Wire Rope

19x19 Compacted Spin-Resistant Wire Rope
For those that want strong spin-resistance without compromising strength, a 19x19 compacted wire rope (compatible with 18x19 constructions) makes for a great choice. It is as spin-resistant as traditional 19x7 crane line, yet has some advantages. Because it is compacted (it weighs more per foot), it is both stronger and tougher. It spools better and is more resistant to crushing while on the drum. The construction is much like a 19x7, in that six strands wrap around the core while a second layer of twelve outer strands are wrapped in the opposite direction. The effect of compacting the wire rope means that there are smaller voids and greater linear density, so while the two constructions start out the same, only 19x19 compacted wire rope gives you the added benefit of great strength and durability. Considered a Class 2 spin-resistant wire rope, 19x19 offers better spin-resistance than 8-strand products (8x19 or 8x25). Use it as a single-part hoist rope, not in multi-part systems. Do not use it with a line swivel!

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