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6x26 Impact Swaged Wire Rope

6x26 Impact Swaged Wire Rope
What is Impact Swaged Wire Rope?
Impact swaged wire rope is made by taking Regular Swaged Wire Rope and compacting it even further. Many users refer to this as a "double swaged" product. Whatever you call it, just know this is the toughest and strongest cable we can offer you. It has the highest linear density (weight per foot), which translates into extreme strength and stiffness.

Who Uses Impact Swaged Wire Rope?
Just like regular swaged wire rope, the biggest market is logging. If you're a logger and you've tried swaged cable before--whether from us or a different shop--and you were less than satisfied, then you may want to step up to Impact swaged. It offers superior performance and the best tolerance to rough, rugged use. Whether in use as a skyline, guyline or dropline, it will give you the longest life possible. It is both incredibly strong and very smooth, giving you the best possible performance on the drum (less scrubbing, abrasion, etc.).

Buy in Bulk and Save!
Impact swaged wire rope is commonly sold in longer lengths, anywhere from 300 ft and up. When buying in bulk we pass along steep discounts. Also, because our buying volume is so high, we are able to pass along tremendous savings. If you're looking for multiple lines (such as when rigging up a yarder), then give us a call and let us work up a quote for you.

Item #SizeLength (ft)Breaking Strength (lbs)Approx. Weight / ft (lbs)Price PerPriceQuantity
WRIMPSWG9169/16"Per Foot46,7000.79Foot
WRIMPSWG916X3009/16"30046,7000.79Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG916X4009/16"40046,7000.79Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG916X5009/16"50046,7000.79Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG916X10009/16"1,00046,7000.79Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG916X20009/16"2,00046,7000.79Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG916X50009/16"5,00046,7000.79Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG0585/8"Per Foot58,4000.97Foot
WRIMPSWG058X3005/8"30058,4000.97Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG058X4005/8"40058,4000.97Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG058X5005/8"50058,4000.97Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG058X10005/8"1,00058,4000.97Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG058X20005/8"2,00058,4000.97Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG058X50005/8"5,00058,4000.97Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG0343/4"Per Foot82,4001.4Foot
WRIMPSWG034X5003/4"50082,4001.4Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG034X10003/4"1,00082,4001.4Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG034X20003/4"2,00082,4001.4Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG034X50003/4"5,00082,4001.4Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG0787/8"Per Foot110,0001.91Foot
WRIMPSWG078X5007/8"500110,0001.91Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG078X10007/8"1,000110,0001.91Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG078X20007/8"2,000110,0001.91Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG11"Per Foot144,0002.49Foot
WRIMPSWG1X5001"500144,0002.49Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG1X10001"1,000144,0002.49Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG1X20001"2,000144,0002.49Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG1X25001"2,500144,0002.49Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG1181-1/8"Per Foot176,0003.16Foot
WRIMPSWG118X5001-1/8"500176,0003.16Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG118X10001-1/8"1,000176,0003.16Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG118X20001-1/8"2,000176,0003.16Coil / Spool
WRIMPSWG118X25001-1/8"2,500176,0003.16Coil / Spool
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