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6x26 Super Swaged Galvanized Wire Rope

6x26 Super Swaged Galvanized Wire Rope
Swaged Line Experts!
We are one of the premier rigging shops in the U.S.A. when it comes to high-performance swaged lines. We sell a ton of swaged cable each year, so it's nothing new to us. We know where to get it, and where not to get it--and that's key! You don't want to go to the open market and buy swaged line from the lowest bidder, and we don't. A lot of our competition does, however. Suffice it to say, we know what we're doing when it comes to swaged wire rope.

Premium Zip Line Cable
We carry this line specifically for our large, commercial zip line customers. Those that build zip line parks with runs over 1,000 ft know that not just any cable will do. This cable is made to the same standards as our logging cable, and in fact, would hold up well in a logging environment. But most logging cable is greasy, whereas this line is galvanized. Zip liners don't want greasy cable and we get that. That's why this premium line gives you all the benefits of heavy-duty logging cable, with the benefit of being clean and easy to handle. If you've ever seen cable logging, then you know the line takes serious abuse. Swaged line excels in these environments because it doesn't abrade easily and has tremendous strength. For example, regular 1/2" wire rope has a published Breaking Strength of 26,600 lbs. This premium swaged line has a published Breaking Strength of 34,800 lbs, and the factory test certificates show an actual break of 35,800 lbs! That's over 25% stronger than regular cable! To have a smooth cable that is galvanized, tough and strong is the perfect blend of attributes for zip lining.

Custom Lengths Available
We bring this cable in on 5,000 ft reels, but longer pieces are available upon request. And now we stock all three sizes, including 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8"! If you're in need of a long run for a zip line park that is new and in the building phase, or is simply overhauling and looking to get the best line available, then give us a call. We know you'll be happy with our product and prices!

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Item #SizeLength (ft)Breaking Strength (lbs)Approx. Weight / ft (lbs)Price PerPriceQuantity
WRSWG038G3/8"Per Foot20,4000.35Foot
WRSWG038GX5003/8"50020,4000.35Coil / Spool
WRSWG038GX10003/8"1,00020,4000.35Coil / Spool
WRSWG038GX20003/8"2,00020,4000.35Coil / Spool
WRSWG038GX50003/8"5,00020,4000.35Coil / Spool
WRSWG012G1/2"Per Foot34,8000.61Foot
WRSWG012GX5001/2"50034,8000.61Coil / Spool
WRSWG012GX10001/2"1,00034,8000.61Coil / Spool
WRSWG012GX20001/2"2,00034,8000.61Coil / Spool
WRSWG012GX50001/2"5,00034,8000.61Coil / Spool
WRSWG058G5/8"Per Foot54,0000.965Foot
WRSWG058GX5005/8"50054,0000.965Coil / Spool
WRSWG058GX10005/8"1,00054,0000.965Coil / Spool
WRSWG058GX20005/8"2,00054,0000.965Coil / Spool
WRSWG058GX50005/8"5,00054,0000.965Coil / Spool
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