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7x19 Black Nylon Coated Galvanized Cable

7x19 Black Nylon Coated Galvanized Cable
Galvanized wire rope with a nylon coating has many great use, but far and away, it is known for use on exercise equipment--weight machines in particular. It is not commonly used for making slings or chokers because the nylon coating will eventually break apart and degrade under those conditions. But when running through pulley systems under controlled use, this cable performs very well. The cable itself is formulated using a special heat treating process to achieve higher fatigue resistance, and our special nylon coating is infused with graphite to improve abrasion resistance. Offered here in the two most popular sizes (other sizes available upon request). Available for purchase by the foot, or in pre-cut coils or even full reels. Would you like to place a large order, or do you have a question? Please, Contact Us for a custom quote

Item #SizeLength (ft)Breaking Strength (lbs)Approx. Weight / ft (lbs)Price PerPriceQuantity
WRNYL7190181/8" - 3/16"Per Foot2,0000.036Foot
WRNYL719018X2501/8" - 3/16"2502,0000.036Coil / Spool
WRNYL719018X5001/8" - 3/16"5002,0000.036Coil / Spool
WRNYL719018X10001/8" - 3/16"1,0002,0000.036Coil / Spool
WRNYL719018X50001/8" - 3/16"5,0002,0000.036Coil / Spool
WRNYL7193163/16" - 1/4"Per Foot4,2000.077Foot
WRNYL719316X2503/16" - 1/4"2504,2000.077Coil / Spool
WRNYL719316X5003/16" - 1/4"5004,2000.077Coil / Spool
WRNYL719316X10003/16" - 1/4"1,0004,2000.077Coil / Spool
WRNYL719316X50003/16" - 1/4"5,0004,2000.077Coil / Spool
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