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Rigguy Wire Stops

Rigguy Wire Stops are truly creative, functional and simple. The whole design concept was all about being simple, clean and easy to use.

But How Do They Work?
The internal taper of a Rigguy Wire Stop fits over the middle strand of 1x7 EHS Strand Cable, with the six remaining strands surrounding it. We carry two sizes, the larger fitting 5/16" - 3/8" and the smaller fitting 3/16" - 1/4".

The more pressure that is applied, the deeper into the block the strand and taper are pulled. The block itself is made of 6061 AL, while the taper is made of 416 SS for strength of application and corrosion resistance. Despite the small size of the Wire Stop, it holds close to 100 percent of the Breaking Strength of the strand itself.

The Wire Stop eliminates the need for the j-lags, eye bolts, hooks, thimbles, clips and Tree-Grip Dead-ends. It can be used in more applications because it is secured on the outside of the limb or trunk. Because of its small size and simplicity, it makes for a clean, clutter-free installation. Keep in mind that because the cable must be fished through the tree, you will need a proper Ship Auger Bit.