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Cat Chokers

Cat Chokers
Cat Chokers...The Most Popular Chokers We Sell!
No question about it, these are the most common types of logging chokers we sell. And we sell them to more than just loggers...we sell them to property owners, utility companies, professional contractors, etc. That said, we have a ton of professional logging customers that we supply all year long, and we make chokers daily. This kind of repetition means we've gotten really good at producing quality chokers (we use the right kind of cable and splicing techniques), and fast! The size of choker you buy depends upon the wood you are moving...the bigger the wood, the bigger the choker. Keep in mind, however, that logging chokers are NOT LEGAL FOR OVERHEAD LIFTING. Instead, use a Sliding Choker Sling, which is perfectly safe and legal for overhead lifting.

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Item #Wire Rope SizeConstructionLength (ft)Choker WLL (lbs)Breaking Strength (lbs)Approx. Weight (lbs)QuantityPrice
CAT038X063/8"6x19 Class62,20011,0003.1
CAT038X083/8"6x19 Class82,20011,0003.6
CAT038X103/8"6x19 Class102,20011,0004.2
CAT038X123/8"6x19 Class122,20011,0004.7
CAT038X153/8"6x19 Class152,20011,0005.5
CAT038X203/8"6x19 Class202,20011,0006.8
CAT012X061/2"6x19 Class63,80019,0005.4
CAT012X081/2"6x19 Class83,80019,0006.3
CAT012X101/2"6x19 Class103,80019,0007.2
CAT012X121/2"6x19 Class123,80019,0008.1
CAT012X151/2"6x19 Class153,80019,0009.5
CAT012X201/2"6x19 Class203,80019,00011.8
CAT916X089/16"6x19 Class84,80024,0007.8
CAT916X109/16"6x19 Class104,80024,0009
CAT916X129/16"6x19 Class124,80024,00010.2
CAT916X159/16"6x19 Class154,80024,00012
CAT916X209/16"6x19 Class204,80024,00014.9
CAT916X259/16"6x19 Class254,80024,00017.9
CAT058X125/8"6x19 Class125,80029,00013.5
CAT058X155/8"6x19 Class155,80029,00015.7
CAT058X205/8"6x19 Class205,80029,00019.3
CAT058X255/8"6x19 Class255,80029,00022.9
CAT058X305/8"6x19 Class305,80029,00026.5
CAT034X123/4"6x19 Class128,20041,00019.4
CAT034X153/4"6x19 Class158,20041,00022.5
CAT034X203/4"6x19 Class208,20041,00027.7
CAT034X253/4"6x19 Class258,20041,00032.9
CAT034X303/4"6x19 Class308,20041,00038.1
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