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Choker Hooks

We're the Choker Hook Experts!
We build chokers every single day, which means we are more than familiar with chokers hooks. Today, there are really four main sizes, from small to large, depending on the size of logs you are handling. If you're not sure what size you need, simply view the chart below for more information on size and usage. And we know the names are a little funny, but hey, we didn't come up with them. Additionally, if you're not sure how these hooks are used, view the handy PDF at right which gives nice illustrations and shows very clearly how to set up a choker system.

Hook Type Hook Size Cable Size Description
Choker Hook Micro-Midget 3/8" - 7/16" This is the smallest choker hook available (it fits in the palm of your hand), and should only be used with light-duty chokers.
Choker Hook Midget 1/2" - 9/16" This is the next size up, a little larger than the Micro-Midget hook, and is the most common size of choker hook we sell.
Choker Hook Dwarf 5/8" This is a larger size of choker hook typically used by professionals running yarders.
Choker Hook Bantam 3/4" This is the largest common choker hook used today and is ideally suited for snatching big logs.
Ring Slider Midget 1/2" - 9/16" This hook is meant to slide up and down a drumline cable. There are typically 2-4 of these per drumline.
Sleeve Slider Midget 1/2" - 9/16" This hook works like a ring slider, except there is only one per drumline, and it always goes on last to come up against the drumline termination nub.