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Skidding Chokers

Skidding Chokers
Skidding Chokers feature a nub on each end with a sliding choker hook in the middle. These are slightly less popular than Cat Chokers, yet are still sold to many farmers, ranchers and property owners for land clearing. To use them properly you typically connect them straight to your drum line (aka winch line) with sliding choker hooks already in place (we have New Choker Hooks if you need them). Most will run anywhere from 3-4 chokers off one drum line, but it depends on the size of your drum line, the size of your chokers and the size of the logs you're trying to skid. The bigger sizes we offer are really yarder chokers used for high lead logging (this method keeps the lines high off the ground near the landing to avoid extra drag and snags, and also uses butt rigging). This type of logging is a little less common today, but we still have many customers with this type of setup.

Item #Wire Rope SizeConstructionLength (ft)Choker WLL (lbs)Breaking Strength (lbs)Approx. Weight (lbs)QuantityPrice
SKID038X063/8"6x19 Class62,20011,0003.1
SKID038X083/8"6x19 Class82,20011,0003.6
SKID038X103/8"6x19 Class102,20011,0004.1
SKID038X123/8"6x19 Class122,20011,0004.6
SKID038X153/8"6x19 Class152,20011,0005.4
SKID038X203/8"6x19 Class202,20011,0006.7
SKID012X061/2"6x19 Class63,80019,0005
SKID012X081/2"6x19 Class83,80019,0005.9
SKID012X101/2"6x19 Class103,80019,0006.8
SKID012X121/2"6x19 Class123,80019,0007.7
SKID012X151/2"6x19 Class153,80019,0009.1
SKID012X201/2"6x19 Class203,80019,00011.4
SKID916X089/16"6x19 Class84,80024,0006.9
SKID916X109/16"6x19 Class104,80024,0008.1
SKID916X129/16"6x19 Class124,80024,0009.3
SKID916X159/16"6x19 Class154,80024,00011
SKID916X209/16"6x19 Class204,80024,00014
SKID058X125/8"6x19 Class125,80029,00012.8
SKID058X155/8"6x19 Class155,80029,00015
SKID058X205/8"6x19 Class205,80029,00018.6
SKID058X255/8"6x19 Class255,80029,00022.2
SKID058X305/8"6x19 Class305,80029,00025.8
SKID034X153/4"6x19 Class158,20041,00021.2
SKID034X203/4"6x19 Class208,20041,00026.4
SKID034X253/4"6x19 Class258,20041,00031.6
SKID034X303/4"6x19 Class308,20041,00036.8
SKID034X353/4"6x19 Class358,20041,00042
SKID034X403/4"6x19 Class408,20041,00047.2
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