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Pulling Grips

Get a "Bite" on Cable
Common types of wire rope grips (also known as "pork chops" due to their shape) are used for getting a "bite" on wire rope in the middle of the line. They work great for tensioning projects like zip lines, bracing cables and utility lines, just to name a few. They are typically connected to some kind of mechanical pulling unit, whether it's a cable comealong or a lever chain hoist. These types of pullers help you to achieve serious leverage and tension cable to your desired specification.

Popular Models
Klein Haven Grips are the most popular grips we sell, especially the #1604-20L Grip, which is rated for 5,000 lbs and accepts up to 1/2" cable. Another option is the new Trigger Grip from HIT Tools. They make several sizes and styles, but their #16-TG46A Grip really shines due to its 8,000 lbs rating and 7/8" max cable capacity. They "trigger" reference is due to the way it operates, meaning you can open and release the jaw with one finger.

The Lewis Snake Grips, made of wire mesh, have a different purpose. Designed as splicing grips, their job is to connect two pieces of cable together--they work just like "Chinese Fingers", if you're familiar with that terminology. Our customers often use these when installing new wire rope onto their crane or yarder. Available in three sizes and capacities.

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