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Swivel Safety Hook Winch Lines

Swivel Safety Hook Winch Lines
These cables are similar to our swivel hook winch cables, except they feature a premium, heavy-duty hook with a self-closing latch (aka safety hook). The latches on these hooks are very durable and open outward making for a wider throat than on normal hooks. Once a load is applied, the latch snaps shut and stays that way until you release the "trigger" on the back side of the hook body. Swivel hooks make positioning and connecting easier and help to prevent unwanted torque on the cable.

Made from IWRC XIP wire rope, meaning they have a steel core and a high breaking strength. We form the eyes using industry standard steel swage sleeves and a 500T industrial swage press. A galvanized thimble in the eye protects the cable from excessive wear. Although most commonly sold to tow truck operators, these cables are great for anyone that needs a replacement winch cable.

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Item #Wire Rope SizeConstructionLength (ft)Breaking Strength (lbs)Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
WL516X050SCS5/16"6x19 Class5010,54012.09
WL516X075SCS5/16"6x19 Class7510,54016.59
WL516X100SCS5/16"6x19 Class10010,54021.09
WL516X125SCS5/16"6x19 Class12510,54025.59
WL516X150SCS5/16"6x19 Class15010,54030.09
WL038X050SCS3/8"6x19 Class5015,10016.25
WL038X075SCS3/8"6x19 Class7515,10022.75
WL038X100SCS3/8"6x19 Class10015,10029.25
WL038X125SCS3/8"6x19 Class12515,10035.75
WL038X150SCS3/8"6x19 Class15015,10042.25
WL716X050SCS7/16"6x19 Class5020,40023.49
WL716X075SCS7/16"6x19 Class7520,40032.24
WL716X100SCS7/16"6x19 Class10020,40040.99
WL716X125SCS7/16"6x19 Class12520,40049.74
WL716X150SCS7/16"6x19 Class15020,40058.49
WL012X050SCS1/2"6x19 Class5026,60029.27
WL012X075SCS1/2"6x19 Class7526,60040.77
WL012X100SCS1/2"6x19 Class10026,60052.27
WL012X125SCS1/2"6x19 Class12526,60063.77
WL012X150SCS1/2"6x19 Class15026,60075.27
WL012X175SCS1/2"6x19 Class17526,60086.77
WL012X200SCS1/2"6x19 Class20026,60098.27
WL916X050SCS9/16"6x19 Class5033,60040.37
WL916X075SCS9/16"6x19 Class7533,60055.12
WL916X100SCS9/16"6x19 Class10033,60069.87
WL916X125SCS9/16"6x19 Class12533,60084.62
WL916X150SCS9/16"6x19 Class15033,60099.37
WL916X175SCS9/16"6x19 Class17533,600114.12
WL916X200SCS9/16"6x19 Class20033,600128.87
WL058X050SCS5/8"6x19 Class5041,20047.15
WL058X075SCS5/8"6x19 Class7541,20065.15
WL058X100SCS5/8"6x19 Class10041,20083.15
WL058X125SCS5/8"6x19 Class12541,200101.15
WL058X150SCS5/8"6x19 Class15041,200119.15
WL058X175SCS5/8"6x19 Class17541,200137.15
WL058X200SCS5/8"6x19 Class20041,200155.15
WL058X225SCS5/8"6x19 Class22541,200173.15
WL058X250SCS5/8"6x19 Class25041,200191.15
WL034X050SCS3/4"6x19 Class5058,80072.37
WL034X075SCS3/4"6x19 Class7558,80098.37
WL034X100SCS3/4"6x19 Class10058,800124.37
WL034X125SCS3/4"6x19 Class12558,800150.37
WL034X150SCS3/4"6x19 Class15058,800176.37
WL034X175SCS3/4"6x19 Class17558,800202.37
WL034X200SCS3/4"6x19 Class20058,800228.37
WL034X225SCS3/4"6x19 Class22558,800254.37
WL034X250SCS3/4"6x19 Class25058,800280.37
WL034X275SCS3/4"6x19 Class27558,800306.37
WL034X300SCS3/4"6x19 Class30058,800332.37
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