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Swage Fittings

Better Than Using Wire Rope Clips
Most would agree that using swage fittings on wire rope is superior to using Wire Rope Clips, and we tend to agree with that. The finished product will be cleaner, sleeker and stronger, without the need to tighten nuts and bolts, and no need re-tighten the same nuts and bolts after they're put into service. Swage fittings are clean, one and done--once installed, they simply stay in place, and they cannot be removed and reused. The aluminum and copper fittings below can, for the most part, be installed by the end user using common tools, such as Wire Rope Swagers. These tools come in manual, handled styles, which work on up to 3/8" cable and fittings. But we also offer hydraulic swagers, such as the ARM 14.4V Hydraulic Cordless Hand Swager, which can handle up to 1/2" cable and fittings. Because it is battery powered, it's totally portable and ready for use in the field or in the shop. Keep in mind too that if you plan to install several swage fittings, you will need a way to cut your cable and leave a clean, non-frayed end. We offer several styles of Cable Cutters to help you do this. A proper cable cutter leaves a smooth, rounded profile to the wire rope that makes it slide right into the fittings. If you've ever tried to use bolt cutters, or some other cutting device, you've likely dealt with a frayed end to your cable, and it's really a pain.

Steel Fittings for Use with a Hydraulic Press
On this page you will also see steel swage fittings, which are designed to be installed in professional rigging shops using large hydraulic presses, such as Esco or National. We offer them for sale here because we do have a few customers that actually have a press of their own. Aside from these customers that have the proper equipment, most end users in the field simply do not have the means to install these types of fittings, including duplex and flemish sleeves, as well as swage sockets. If you need a custom made cable assembly using any of these fittings, contact us for a custom quote.