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Thimbles Will Make Your Slings Last Longer
Thimbles are used to buffer they eye of a wire rope sling (or any sling, including soft rope and Ultrex Synthetic Winch Lines) against general wear and abrasion. When used and installed properly, they will prolong the life of a wire rope sling by protecting the exposed wires and maintaining a better D/d ratio.

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Different Thimble Options
Most of the thimbles we sell are used on slings or tensioning cables. In these applications, most customers opt for our Imported Heavy-Duty Galvanized Thimbles, which are tough and perform well, yet are economical. For those that require domestic materials, or for those that only want the best, we recommend Crosby G-414 Extra Heavy Galvanized Thimbles. The truth is that once installed, it's hard to tell the difference between the two.

Stainless and Specialty Thimbles
In corrosive environments, it is recommended that one uses stainless steel thimbles. For heavy-duty rigging slings, Crosby makes a line of stainless thimbles that is equivalent to their G-414 thimbles reference above. The Crosby SS-414 Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Thimbles are made from 304 stainless steel, and are the best choice in marine, wastewater and food handling environments. Additionally, for synthetic materials (primarily Soft Ropes), we offer Blue Line Thimbles in various sizes. We use these thimbles primarily on Ultrex Winch Lines, as stated above. But in reality they can be used on any kind of rope we offer.