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Wire Rope Fittings

Huge Selection of Wire Rope Fittings
At our core, we are still a rigging shop, focusing on the supply of wire rope and related products to loggers and other kinds of industrial professionals. Because of that, we are equally focused on offering high-quality wire rope fittings of all types. We carry a full line of wire rope clips (aka "cable clamps"), thimbles, sleeves, sockets and other such products. We also represent the best names in the industry, like Crosby, Esco and Gunnebo Johnson. For example, you can find wire rope clips all over the Internet, but if you want real quality, go with Crosby G-450 Clips--they are truly known as the best clips in the industry. And for loggers, check out our Wedge-Type Quick Ferrules. These handy fittings are made in Canada and allow you to install a nub fitting in the field quickly and easily with just simple tools. This is handy both for drumline and choker repair. Or, if you prefer to build your own cable assemblies, then check out our selection of Swage Fittings. Keep in mind that simple items like aluminum sleeves and stops can be installed with handheld tools, whereas as bigger steel products (like Crosby S-505 Flemish Sleeves) require a large hydraulic press for installation, not to mention proper die sets.

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