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Climbing Spurs / Spikes

When used in conjunction with a saddle and flipline, a good set of tree climbing spurs allows you to essentially walk up a tree. Although other gear can certainly be incorporated, you really can climb a tree using just these components. Typically, spur climbing is done when a tree is to be removed as the sharp spur gaffs will cause damage to the tree. Spurs are also acceptable for use in emergency rescue situations, or when climbing a tree that is already dead. Once you’ve decided that spiked climbing is for you, the next task is choosing a pair of climbing spurs. And you will certainly recognize the brands offered below. Climb Right Spurs are our best-selling brand because they simply offer a great value and a lightweight package (they weigh approximately 30% less than comparable steel spurs). Also, because they are made in the U.S.A., our customers buy with confidence. Buckingham and Klein are not far behind, and also make excellent spurs.

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