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Simply put, we sell a lot of chain! It's the second-fastest moving item in our inventory. And with today's OSHA regulations and legal requirements, it's more important than ever before to make sure you have the right chain for the job. If you're lifting, then be sure to choose Grade 100 chain. It's become the industry standard over the past several years, and it has all the necessary properties to perform well when used for lifting. Some of our most popular Grade 100 chain is offered by Peerless and Crosby, both lines being made in the U.S.A.

We also stock a full compliment of Grade 100 fittings, and you can browse those in our Rigging Hardware section. And if you need a completely assembled, OSHA-compliant Chain Sling for overhead lifting, we have those too in many different sizes and configurations.

For non-critical applications (specifically, non-overhead lifting) we stock Grade 30, Grade 43 (aka High Test) and Grade 70. Today, Grade 70 is the standard chain used for tie-down applications and many farmers, ranchers and property owners use it for general pulling, brush clearing and light-duty logging applications. You can buy it by the foot, or in pre-cut lengths of 20 ft (check out our Tie Down Chains).