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Load Securement
Whether you’re towing a Linkbelt 330 on a lowboy trailer, or simply hauling your motorcycle in the back of your pickup truck, it’s vitally important (and even legally required) that you employ the right kind of load securement gear to safely get your cargo from A to B. When you’re moving the big stuff, you’ll want big gear like Grade 70 Tie Down Chains and load binders. For smaller, lighter moves, you can usually get away with Ratchet Straps. Of course, a proper load securement system requires many components all working together. That’s why we stock all kinds of DOT compliant gear like straps, winches, binders and hooks. Also, because we buy bulk chain and fittings, we can make custom assemblies to your specifications. If you have specific requirements, just let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate. As hard as we try to put all of our products on line, it’s just not possible. Please Contact Us if you have a special request.

Tie Down Guide by PCC