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Rigging Hardware


We wouldn’t be much of a rigging supply shop if we didn’t offer a robust selection of quality rigging hardware. We stock and sell tons of Shackles, Hooks and Turnbuckles. With 60 years of service in the rigging supply industry, we have learned which components are must-haves and we do our best to keep them in stock. That means most of what we sell comes from our own inventory...we are not merely a reseller or middleman. Rather, we are a complete rigging fabrication center! We make wire rope and chain slings in house and ship product right from our own shelves. There may be times when dealing with a mere broker can save you a few dollars and it’s worth it, but when you’re betting your life and lives of your crew on the proper selection and fabrication of your rigging components, then go with a trusted, reputable rigging house like us.

If you’ve been using rigging for any length of time, then browse around this section and you will surely find some familiar names. Crosby, Chicago, Klein Tools, CM and Gunnebo Johnson (just to name a few)…these are staple brands in this industry.