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Arborist & Tree Gear


Tree Saddles: We carry the best names when it comes to tree saddles. For example, we offer a wide selection of tree saddles from Weaver Arborist. Made from durable leather and canvas materials, their saddles have a classic feel that appeals to many customers. But we also offer newer, lightweight saddles such as the Petzl Sequoia SRT.

Complete Climbing Kits: One of our more popular arborist products is the Advanced Spur Climbing Kit. It comes with all the gear you need for standard tree climbing, and the gear is comfortable and functional. It's not a "cheap" kit by any means, but it's affordable all the same. We offer several other kits too, so be sure to browse all four options.

Climbing Spurs: Like most arborist shops, we sell a lot of tree climbing spurs (pole spurs available as well). The Gecko Ultra Light Aluminum Tree Climbing Spurs are definitely one of the most popular choices for today's climber. They are known to be lightweight, comfortable and fully adjustable to fit most climbers. And in terms of price, they are actually cheaper than some other options. For less money--yet still high value--we sell a lot of Klein spurs. For example, you can get several different Klein spurs, complete with straps and leather pads, for under $300!

Additional Arborist Gear
Clearly, we offer more than just tree saddles, climbing kits and spurs. We have all sorts of climbing products like carabiners, hooks, pulleys and more. We also offer a wide selection of rigging gear, anchors, cabling and rope. Browse our full product line below and please contact us if you need help finding additional gear.

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