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Columbus McKinnon

Columbus McKinnon (CM) is a major player in the world of rigging hardware and material handling products, hoists in particular. Next to Crosby, they are one of the most sought after brands in the rigging industry, with many of their products being favored and demanded by rigging professionals.

Their unique line of Long Reach Shackles, which feature an extra wide throat opening and inside dimensions to allow for a wide variety of rigging connections, is a true best seller! If you're looking for more of a standard shackle, then it's hard to go wrong with their line of Super Strong Screw Pin Shackles. They are made in the U.S.A. and boast higher Working Load Limits than similar shackles from other manufacturers, meaning you can sometimes use a smaller shackle and still have the load rating you need.

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to find the exact part you need! CM makes a wide assortment of rigging hardware, hoists and logging tools. You can filter results to show these categories just one at a time, and then drill down even further by tonnage rating, length and brand.

Additionally, CM (under their Dixie brand) makes a line of Logging Tongs, which are used specifically for handling logs, railroad ties, etc. The blue color is for ground skidding only while the orange color is made from alloy steel and rated for lifting with an affixed load tag.