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Alloy Chain Slings

Grade 80 / 100 Chain Slings--The Industry Standard
We make chain slings every single day, and almost every one of them is made from Grade 100 Alloy Chain and matching fittings. It's critically important to note that OSHA required Grade 80 alloy chain at a minimum, but today's standard really is Grade 100. It costs the same, has more fittings available and is generally more available than Grade 80 (many manufacturers have phased out production of once-popular Grade 80 components). All of our slings are built in-house, with careful attention to detail, and properly tagged. Upon request, and for an added fee, each slings can be furnished Proof-Tested with Certification. We carry only the best names too, like Crosby, Pewag, Gunnebo, Laclede, Peerless and CM.

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Grade 120 Chain Slings
Pewag was the first to bring Grade 120 Alloy Chain to the market. Originally it was blue, but now the bulk of their inventory is gray. No matter the color, it has the same strength, which is approximately 50% greater than Grade 80 chain! It's a great choice when you need maximum strength in the smallest possible package. For example, customers that need a 10,000 lbs Working Load Limit (WLL) used to end up with 1/2" chain, which is heavy, especially when paired with fittings. Now, that same WLL can be achieved with 3/8" Grade 120. Check out our full line of Grade 120 Fittings which allows you to piece together a chain slings of your own creation.

Adjust-A-Link--Many Birds, One Stone
Once in a while a truly unique products comes along, as was the case when Lift-All brought to market their Adjust-A-Link Chain Slings. Originally they were Grade 80, but have since been upgraded to Grade 100. They're so cool because they're so versatile! Use the top link to quickly and easily convert your chain from a single leg to a double leg, or even a basketed configuration! You have total flexibility with these slings, and they come in a variety of sizes too so you can get the capacity you need.