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Alloy Chain Slings


OSHA is now placing more emphasis than ever before on the proper selection and usage of overhead lifting chains. With that kind of pressure you owe it to yourself to buy your alloy chain slings from a reputable rigging shop that knows the rules. We specialize in alloy chain slings, both building them and selling replacement components. We offer custom-built chain slings that are 100% OSHA compliant for overhead lifting. Choose from a wide range of sizes and styles in both Grade 100 and Grade 120, with only one assembly offered in Grade 80. We buy chain in bulk drums and cut it to length as needed. We stock a lot of chain sling fittings from name brands like Crosby, Gunnebo, Cartec and Pewag. With all of the chain sizes and the myriad of fittings, it is impossible to list all of the sling possibilities we offer. If you don't find what you're looking for, then please Contact Us for a custom quote.

When it comes to overhead lifting, the industry standard grade 80 & 100 chain slings from Westech Rigging Supply are exactly what you are looking for. OSHA compliant and made to order, you can... READ MORE

Here are a few links directly to some of our Grade 80 & 100 Sling types:

Grade 120 chain is simply the toughest, strongest and most heavy-duty lifting chain on the market today! It is approximately 50% stronger than Grade 80 chain on a size-for-size basis. It has a unique... READ MORE

Here are a few links directly to some of our Grade 120 Sling types:

Adjust-A-Link chain slings offer the ultimate in flexibility. The unique and patented master control link allows for single leg, double leg and even basketed lifting. This design saves time and money! No longer is there a need to change out chain slings due to length or number of legs needed. One sling can do multiple jobs, and you can use two Adjust-A-Links on the same crane hook thus eliminating the need for expensive triple and quad leg slings. Now offered in Grade 100 in sizes 7/32 - 3/8", and Grade 80 in 1/2". The master control link is not sold separately, nor should it be used separately from the supplied alloy chain.... READ MORE