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Cartec Carcano--A Premium Italian Manufacturer
Stamperia Carcano, known in the USA simply as Cartec, is a fine Italian manufacturer that has been around since the late 1950's. Through decades of experience and expansion, they have grown to become a major player in the world of rigging components, especially Grade 100 products. Despite their storied past, they've really risen to prominence here in the USA over past decade. We use their fittings nearly every single day at our rigging shops to build made-to-order chain slings.

Most Popular Fittings
The truth is that every fitting you see below is popular, but there are a few that move in extra high volumes. For starters, Cartec Grade 100 Clevis Grab Hooks feature a simple, sleek design with a supporting saddle to keep the chain from bending or fatiguing at the bottom of the hook throat. These grab hooks are popular both as end fittings--for example, simple SGG Chain Slings, or they can be used as leg adjusters on ADOS Chain Slings.

Cartec also offer two styles of sling hooks. The more economical option is the Carte Grade 100 Clevis Sling Hook which has a standard design known to most riggers. It has an incorporated "flipper" safety latch. The latch kits are somewhat easily destroyed in the field, but are fairly easy and affordable when it comes to replacement. One step up is the Carte Grade 100 Clevis Self-Closing Hook. This style of hook is commonly referred to as a "safety" hook because the latch is self-closing. Because the latch is part of the clevis assembly, as soon as a load is applied the latch will shut automatically. The latch is released by a thumb-operated trigger on the back side of the hook, and it opens outward, not inward, resulting in a larger throat opening versus conventional sling hooks.