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Logging Chokers


Professional Equipment, Used by Experts
When you buy chokers from Westech Rigging Supply, you're dealing with a company that has all the right equipment, and trained people using it. We don't make a handful of chokers per month, or per year. We make them every single day, by hand. It's just part of what we do. Let us make yours!

What Kind to Order?
There are two main type of chokers, and we classify them as cat chokers and skidder chokers.

Cat Chokers: An eye (aka loop) on one end, with a sliding choker hook and nub to choke around the log. This kind is popular for yarder logging or pick up logging. Having an eye on one end makes them easy to attach.

Skidder Chokers: No eye, instead a nub on both ends. These are popular for anyone that is using a winch line (aka drum line) with sliders. The nub on one end connects to a sliding choker hook, while the other nub wraps around the log and connects back to the choker itself.

Logging Chokers

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