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Logging Chokers


When you buy chokers from Westech Rigging Supply, you're dealing with a company that has all the right equipment, and trained people using it. We don't make a handful of chokers per month, or per year. We make them every single day, by hand. It's just part of what we do. Let us make yours!

Cat Chokers: This is the most popular choker we sell for a couple of reasons. 1) Cat chokers are super-easy to deploy. Just throw the eye over a hook or hitch ball and off you go. 2) They are useful for more than just logging. Yes, many of our customers are loggers, but cat chokers can be used for clearing brush, moving railroad ties, etc. We build them in many different sizes, with the smaller sizes being popular with property owners, farmers and ranchers doing cleanup work, while the bigger sizes are best-suited for professional loggers.

Ring Chokers: Ring chokers are really just a variation on cat chokers, which are the most common type of logging choker we sell. The addition of the ring gives users a dedicated connection point that is incredibly strong and durable. By connecting to the ring, you avoid wear and tear in the eye of your choker. Additionally, these chokers feature a heavy-duty galvanized thimble in the eye, which acts as a buffer between the ring and the choker cable itself. We have a ton of professional logging customers that we supply all year long, and many of them use ring chokers like these in combination with a toggle (for yarder logging).

Skidder Chokers: Though still popular, skidder chokers are not quite as common as cat chokers. They do not have an eye on one end, but rather a nub on both ends. They are specifically designed to work with slider systems deployed on drumlines found on large skidders and tractors. This limits their appeal but for those with a slider system, skidder chokers are perfect.

Chain Chokers: Many of our customers to the east use a chain choker rather than a cable choker, and they work quite well. Although they look very different, the function is pretty much the same. Chain choker hooks have a "slot" where the chain passes through. As you pull, the choker hook slides down the chain until it has a full bite. Chain chokers are usually deployed in tandem with a cable winch line (aka "drumline") and other related hardware.

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